Time for Change

Improve the quality of benefits for employees while drastically reducing unnecessary costs. 

Misaligned Incentives

Ever stop and think, who’s benefiting most from your employee benefits? If your business is anything like the vast majority of U.S. companies, your second biggest expense is healthcare. You’ve undoubtably also noticed a trend that premiums seem to increase so disproportionately year after year that renewal rates have become unsustainable. Truth is, the ‘major players’ in the insurance space have mastered the art of charging the most while giving the least and brokers are completely okay with this because their getting a piece of the action.

Agility & Ability

Larger corporations have used their power in numbers to sidestep this corruption for years now by creating better employee benefit plans designed specifically for their company and keeping all of the unused premium as working capital to grow their business. Though this approach has been proven to work predictably and consistently, where does that leave midsize to large businesses? We specialize in bringing the insurance ‘buying power’ strategies of the nation’s largest companies to qualifying groups that we partner with. 

Properly Aligned

The most important aspect to assess in an employee benefits firm is whether or not their interests are properly aligned with yours. At Acrutiv, the first thing you’ll notice is we take the time to thoroughly evaluate your company’s specific risk profile. This helps us to architect an employee benefits solution built specifically for your groups needs. Not only does this ensure your workforce gets better quality healthcare, it also means drastic savings for your bottom line. Results are both consistent and measurable.

Smarter Benefits

Literally and figuratively

No matter how great our results are, we fully realize that experience is a key factor in overall satisfaction for our clients and the employees their business relies on. For this reason, we leverage latest technology to make managing and accessing benefits quicker and easier than ever before.

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