Analytics Driven

When was the last time you audited your healthcare spend? Employers have a fiduciary responsibility
to maximize benefit dollars.

Activity without Results

Many brokers, including the big box stores, talk a big game about being the biggest and the best. At the same time, your benefits spend continues to outpace earnings growth. Unfortunately, they are working off an old benefits playbook that focuses on a high gloss brochure of services that doesn’t affect the healthcare spend.

Analytics with a Guarantee

Are you receiving the best value out of your benefits package? Can you make improvements? Our consulting team will audit your current spend and provide a detailed analysis while guaranteeing significant opportunities to save while enhancing the benefits plan. If we don’t provide quantifiable proof that will add value to your EBITDA, we will reduce our compensation. Period. For employer groups over 1000 lives, we generally show savings of 1M per 1000 employees on the health plan. How can your company benefit from these savings? Capital Improvement? Employee Retention? Reduce product cost?

Strategic Process


We find out if your organization could benefit from our unique and proven strategies. 


Our consultants take a deeper look into your groups specifics to find hidden opportunities. 


We’ll layout your success formula to improve quality of care while reducing spend.


Consistent follow-up ensures best follow-through to maintain maximum results.


Results from our processes are predictable and measurable and sustainable.

Straight from 

the source…

  • For over 20 years, Todd’s staff has worked side by side with our company, not only to assist us in choosing the very best in coverage for our business family but also to provide an unparalleled level of personal service to us and to our employees. Todd’s team is always accessible, sincerely helpful, smart, thorough, and proactive in our benefits planning and HR compliance.
    Susan | CFO, Software Company
  • Acrutiv not only manages the relationship between our organization and the insurance companies, they advocate for us! He has worked tirelessly for years to get our employees the best coverage possible, and has been a tremendous support and teacher to me in my role. They truly goes above and beyond, and we are so grateful for his service!
    Samantha | CHRO, Non-Profit
  • The Acrutiv team is always “on it!” They really care and work hard at providing our firm and team members with the best options, best pricing, and best service that they can. We really value Todd’s progressive thinking in the insurance industry and his team’s eagerness to always help. We consider Todd a valued member of our team who has helped us to structure a comprehensive benefit package for many years.
    Lynn | CFO, CPA Firm
  • Todd and his team have been a part of our Animal Hospital family since 2005. They have helped us untangle the mystery of employee benefit and reduce our healthcare spend. We are a single owner animal hospital with about 50 employees and the intricacies of employee benefits is way beyond our realm of expertise. Acrutiv has worked diligently to provide our employees with the best possible benefits, training and problem solving. We will continue to navigate the intricate web of employee benefits with Acrutiv at the helm.
    Michele | CFO, Animal Hospital
  • The Acrutiv team has been amazing. They reviewed our current healthcare spend and not only reduced our budget by 1.9M in the first year but they also lowered our deductibles, copays, and employee payroll deductions. We are thrilled with the results.
    John | CFO, Manufacturing

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