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    Save up to 40% on one of our largest expenses.Boost employee retention and productivity.Offer better benefits for less out-of-pocket.

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    See if your business qualifies for Acrutiv’s healthcare spend audit.

    Outcome Based Employee Benefits

    Find out if your business qualifies for our lower cost, higher quality employee benefits program.

    Healthcare Supply Chain Consulting

    Proven strategies that add value to your EBITDA and eliminate the healthcare drag on your profits.

    We’re not what you’re used to

    At Acrutiv, our interests are aligned with your company goals. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate your company’s specific risk profile. This helps us architect an employee benefits solution built specifically for your company goals. Your workforce receives higher quality healthcare at the right place and at the right time. The results are consistent and measurable savings are created for your bottom line.

    As consultants, Acrutiv recommends and implements strategies that are fully aligned with your best interests. No secret kickbacks, commissions or hidden fees – just full transparency. We are compensated on results not activity.


    Typical brokers operate with an expected and, for some reason, accepted conflict of interest. For example, as your premiums continue to unreasonably inflate every year, so do their commissions.

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    • For over 20 years, Acrutiv’s staff has worked side by side with our company, not only to assist us in choosing the very best in coverage for our business family but also to provide an unparalleled level of personal service to us and to our employees. The Acrutiv team is always accessible, sincerely helpful, smart, thorough, and proactive in our benefits planning and HR compliance.
      Susan | CFO, Software Company
    • Acrutiv not only manages the relationship between our organization and the insurance companies, they advocate for us! He has worked tirelessly for years to get our employees the best coverage possible, and has been a tremendous support and teacher to me in my role. They truly goes above and beyond, and we are so grateful for his service!
      Samantha | CHRO, Non-Profit
    • The Acrutiv team is always “on it!” They really care and work hard at providing our firm and team members with the best options, best pricing, and best service that they can. We really value Acutiv’s progressive thinking in the insurance industry and the team’s eagerness to always help. We consider them a valued member of our team who has helped us to structure a comprehensive benefit package for many years.
      Lynn | CFO, CPA Firm
    • Acrutiv has been a part of our Animal Hospital family since 2005. They have helped us untangle the mystery of employee benefit and reduce our healthcare spend. We are a single owner animal hospital with about 50 employees and the intricacies of employee benefits is way beyond our realm of expertise. Acrutiv has worked diligently to provide our employees with the best possible benefits, training and problem solving. We will continue to navigate the intricate web of employee benefits with Acrutiv at the helm.
      Michele | CFO, Animal Hospital
    • The Acrutiv team has been amazing. They reviewed our current healthcare spend and not only reduced our budget by 1.9M in the first year but they also lowered our deductibles, copays, and employee payroll deductions. We are thrilled with the results.
      John | CFO, Manufacturing

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